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NSSA Services To The Public

The NSSA provides the public with a list of all NSSA members that details geographical locations and contact information as well as a comprehensive listing of Accredited Products supplied by the member.

The public can view the full list of Accredited Products currently under certification by the NSSA. An overview is also provided on what members’ business and manufacturing requirements are required for the security product provider to obtain the accredited product membership status.

Provide information on how Australian Standards assist the public in their purchasing decisions of security products. Some explanation is provided on the development of the first security product Australian Standards, how they have evolved and what assurances the consumer should receive when deciding to purchase an Australian Standards product.

NSSA members commit to adhere to the NSSA “Code of Practice” in their dealings with consumers, the public and with other members of the association. Consumers should look to use NSSA members to safeguard their interests when purchasing security products.

The NSSA provides a Dispute Resolution Procedure for the resolution of complaints and disputes between the public and its membership, where there has been a breakdown in communication between the parties.

From time to time, the NSSA is able to participate in a community meeting, such as a Neighbourhood Watch meeting, and brief the group on such topics as Security Industry best practice, Australian Standards, product labelling and provide ideas on home security risk management.


NSSA Code Of Practice

The National Security Screen Association recognises its obligation to promote fair and competitive conditions in the interests of protecting the industry and its customers, and in doing so members undertake to provide the following standards of service:

  • To conduct sales policies and advertising in an honorable and dignified manner, and not to enter into deceptive practices.
  • To maintain a· policy of efficient and honest service, maintaining the highest ethical values and providing high-quality products.
  • To be extremely discreet in preserving confidential knowledge entrusted within the association and to avoid discrediting the work or product of any other member, unless circumstances demand affirmative action which shall be undertaken by the management committee.
  • To carry out the responsibility of maintaining the standards pertaining to the security industry.
  • Members and other representatives shall attend a minimum of four meetings in each year.
  • Members shall encourage other businesses to join the association and likewise encourage clients to deal only with members of the association.
  • Members shall ensure that all staff receives adequate training pertaining to the scope of their duties and keep. an ongoing record of such training.
  • To actively work toward the betterment of the Security Industry.


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