PVC 502 Fabrics

Suitable for a variety of applications from blinds and awnings to canopies and light structures, the versatile Précontraint 502 colour range has been one of the most popular products since its arrival into the Australian market over 17 years ago.

The release in 2009 of 32 vibrant new colours to join 8 existing shades has thoroughly modernised the range and provided greater freedom of choice to complement current architectural designs.

Manufactured using the patented Ferrari Précontraint® technology ensures superior strength and stability enabling 502 to maintain its shape and perform in demanding and frequent use. Stringent pigment selection processes and quality formulations also give 502 matchless UV resistance and colour fastness.

With a diverse and contemporary colour palette combined with proven longevity, Précontraint 502 continues to lead the market as the most colourful and reliable of tensile membrane textiles.

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