Soltis 92


Soltis 92 simultaneously offers efficient thermal protection and a greater supply of natural light while maintaining an exceptional level of transparency and visibility toward the outside.

A micro-aerated 8% open fabric, Soltis 92 provides the highest level of solar protection combined with strength and stability. Manufactured using Ferrari’s exclusive patented Précontraint process guarantees superior dimensional stability of the fabric and awning. When placed on the outside of windows, Soltis 92 textiles achieves exceptional heat and light efficiency, absorbing and reflecting up to 97% of the sun’s rays.

Soltis 92 now offers diverse range of 47 bold, subtle and pastel shades offer an extensive colour palette for a variety of distinguished and unique solar protection applications. Soltis 92 is ideal for external screens, facades and awnings in high exposure areas.

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